Choosing what to wear is more important than just picking a team colour. You’re going to get WET AND MUDDY and Njoro is COLD AS……Jijaziea. What you wear will have a major effect on your performance.

Picture this, you have been pushed into a pool with your street/official clothes on Or, have been caught in a massive downpour without an umbrella? You get what if feels like to have your clothes drenched? This is the same feeling you’ll experience in at mud run if you don’t wear the right gear! You have afew days to run around the stores ( GIKOMBA) for those in Nairobi or you can just send me I go buy them on your behalf at a fee most def! trihihi

Anyway, you MUST avoid cotton clothing and anything heavy. Don’t wear big, cotton t-shirts or sweatpants. Cotton will absorb water, add weight, and slow you down and you will BE COLD! SO best outfit is Spandex. This is a good choice for mud runs. It’s lightweight and won’t hold much water. Expect your spandex to get damaged during the mud run, so don’t wear anything you care about.
There are a lot of obstacles in a mud run that can cause cuts and bruises. Nylon running tights can protect your legs. Under Armour makes great, breathable sportswear that will provide full coverage, and keep you cool as well.

Mud runs are demanding. Choose durable gear(NOT FANCY) that won’t fall apart during the race. You will also need to wear a light pullover windbreaker. Don’t wear a jacket with a zipper as zippers get clogged with mud. Go for a nylon fabric so mud slides off.


Start with a good sock. Keep your socks low. Anything higher than the ankle will just be added weight. Consider splurging on a running sock; they will help prevent blisters. Definitely, don’t wear cotton socks. And make sure you tuck your socks into your running tights.

And finally, Wear a running shoe or boot and make sure you double knot the laces. It’s easy for running shoes to slip off in the mud, so tie them tight.

Now come out and KICK SOME! Its going to be a wonderful hangout! Remember to smile for the cameras when you see them, they will be coming for the party equally!

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