• The Superbike Championship (SBC) is a race event designed for on-road sports
  • motorcycles, better known as superbikes. It is the first of its kind in Kenya and East Africa. SBC is organized by The Superbike Association (TSA) which currently has over 100 registered members. The aim of TSA is to host 4 races a year (one each quarter) in different parts of the country. The first ever Superbike race in East Africa was held on 15th September 2013 in Ruiru (Tatu City). It was then The Superbike Trophy (TST). 18 bikers registered for the race in various categories and over 3,000 spectators paid to be a part of this unique experience. This year we have 6 teams participating in the championship, namely Mans Racing Team, Stylez Racing Motorsports. Red Zone, BlackRose Racing, Blade Doc Racing and Nitro Racing Stylez Racing motorsports are the current title holders for The Superbike Trophy Championship 2013Superbike_championship_teams.jpg
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