Normal entries (1,000/=) closing Sunday 21st June + BAG DROP LOGISTICS

Please note normal entries closing on Sunday 21st June. Mpesa # 0702709729. We now have a very competitive entry list so be assured of some spirited action for the cash on the day!!!

We will also have a bag drop service for those that want to leave their car at the start hotel and then get a taxi back to it on Monday. Taxi costs run ~7k negotiable split between the # of occupants. Or u can also take the taxi to Kabarnet ~3500k and ride downhill to Bogoria. If enough people want to do this then 1 taxi can take all ther bags to the start line. So as you book please remember to mention your preference or if in groups organise amongst yourselves. The contact person is Mr. Theo (0724784146). As usual book early to avoid disappointment….



Dear all, please note early bird entries (300/=) close at midnight on Sunday 7th June. After this we will ONLY be accepting normal entry (1,000/=). Mpesa # 0702709729

Attached find also the prize money distribution so you can see how much you can win for 300/= only and strategize your race.

Some basic rules about prize money:
1. The competitive part of the race will end in minimum 50% extra time of the overall winner’s finishing time. So if winner does 6 hours you have 9 hours to be eligible for prize money.
2. The competitive part for each of the three categories in the race will end minimum 25% after the winner of the category.

After these competitive times elapse you will not be eligible for prize money. At the end of the event all prize monies unclaimed will be distributed equally within each category, to the winners that made cut off.

So if lady # 1 makes a break and has a gap more than 25% on lady # 2 she will take ALL the ladies prize money. Also if 2 Juniors (Under 20) make a break and hold it 25% over the 3rd junior they get all the prize money for the group. Of course the 3rd junior can then buy other riders to form alliances to help him close the gap and claim his prize. Its better to win less than lose all… A top elite batch is also free to work together to drop everyone else and go for increasing their prize money.

In addition everyone is eligible for the elite prize money, but you can only claim one prize. So if a Junior wins the race he will take 1st prize elite and Junior # 2 takes 1st prize Junior.

For the purposes of this race Junior will be under 20 WITH ID. Without ID you will have to prove you are junior. And if you are proven otherwise then you become a cheater – see note below.

All cheaters (hanging onto vehicles, motorbikes, airplanes, boats + getting lifts, doping (mechanical or bilogical, etc, etc) will be banned indefinitely from all events organized by us. This race will be heavily patrolled by marshalls.

PS there will be no masters category this time round as we haven’t yet found a sponsor interested in this. The current sponsor is especially interested in the junior and elite categories. And we must have a ladies category as they make the event more beautiful!

So if any organization / individual would like to help with the Masters category sponsorship please please get in touch ASAP privately and we can still organize this in time.

Some more basic info:
Start time will be 07:00 hrs on Sunday 5th July at the Kabarnet road junction in Marigat. (Marigat is about 100 Kms north of Nakuru on the road to Lake Baringo)
Registration fees:

Early bird 300/- until 7th June; Normal entry 1000/- until 21st June; 3000/- VIP until 28th June

Pay by Mpesa to #0702709729 and sms the Mpesa receipt + your full racing names and age to phone 0702709729 so we can register you correctly.

There will be no more registration after midnight on Sunday 28th June.

Race numbers can be collected in Nairobi on Monday 29th June afternoon at location to be advised, or at race start village Lake Bogoria Spa Resort ( on Saturday 5th July from noon to 6pm and Sunday at start line at 6 to 6.30am. Come with your identification.

Race finish village will be at Kerio View Hotel (

We have put the day as Sunday so as to avoid people having to drive on the busy Nairobi/Nakuru Highway on Friday Afternoon or Sunday afternoon which is when it is at its busiest. Also note Eldoret airport is half an hour from the race finish, with frequent and reliable connections to Nairobi. Taxi usually costs ~3000/=. If you want to pre book one reliable contact is Mr. Theo 0724784146. Mr. Theo can also arrange car hire, please contact him directly to organise this. It is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment…

Total prize money currently sits at KShs 180,000/=. ALL to be given out in this race.

Please note that to complete this event requires a good level of fitness. The climbs and descents will challenge you and your bike to the fullest. So come well equipped with fitness, or a very high level of good old stubbornness.
Those seeking to ride recreational will be allowed to set off as early as 6am from the start and turn back anywhere up the first climb to return to the start to collect your car and come to the finish to cheer the sportsmen/women.

Or you could come as a tag team and each one rides/drives up one escarpment. A safe place to leave your car for the other rider to collect could be Kabarnet Hotel. There may be a nominal charge for this. You can either leave the keys at reception in a sealed envelope with a name written on it or one rider can carry a spare set of keys. This offers anyone an opportunity to ride in this magical place whilst having a front row seat to the race. Obviously you will have to get off the road as the lead peloton approaches – which I think you will find convenient as it allows you to take photos of the riders?
Please let us know if you are interested in riding as a tag team and depending on the level of interest we will see if and how best to structure and support this as a side event. Obviously this will be more for recreational/fun riding. The main challenge + prize money will be for the riders who complete the entire route.
The tag team option as well offers a convenient way to have your car and gear transported from the start to the finish line.

More information will be availed in due course.

For any queries please email me directly.

Keep Fit or Die Road Racing!

The Psycho Challenge Team!

The Great Rift Valley Challenge 2015 Prize money distribution.xlsx


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