Early bird entries are closed … entrants are (mostly) classified … and less than 2 weeks to go before the big day!! Thank you to all who have entered – those who have not please get your entries in soonest. Current entry fee (closing on Friday 19th June) is KShs 3,000/- (and you still get a goodie bag!!), entry on the day is KShs 5,000/- cash … sadly no goodie bag. Link for the entry form is https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AHOwG-K0rSjmZSU_wPo8GydP0c6QyDwasTZ9t_0_-Zg/viewform

Race details are as follows:

The Race Start and finish is at the junction of the Cianda / Kawaida Road on the Upper Kiambu Road, approximately 7 Km from Ndumberi. From Nairobi take the Kiambu Road, straight through Kiambu Town, up to and through Ndumberi, and continue straight until you see the crowds on the road at Cianda.

There will be parking available at the Cianda Secondary School, which is at the junction of the Cianda / Kawaida Road on the Upper Kiambu Road. Marshals will direct cars to the parking place.

The race will go up the Upper Kiambu Road to Mabroukie, 15 Km from the start, take a sharp left turn onto the Riara Ridge road, down past the Nazareth Hospital at approximately Km 25 (TAKE CARE HERE), left at approximately Km 30 and back across to the Cianda / Upper Kiambu Road. There are some steep descents, and the cut back to Cianda is quite technical – care is needed. The main race  (70 Km) is two circuits. The short race (35 Km) is one circuit. Main Race riders will need to take great care when re-joining the Upper Kiambu Road at the Cianda Junction. Marshals will try and alert traffic, but riders should try and keep to the verge when re-joining the main road.

The race is ridden entirely on open roads, and riders are fully responsible for their own safety.

Registration will take place from 0730 a.m. to 0800 a.m. ALL ENTRANTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO CONFIRM THEIR ENTRY AT REGISTRATION AND TO SIGN A DISCLAIMER. All riders will receive their race numbers and goodie bags at registration.

Race briefing will take place at the registration tent at 0815.


The main 70 Km race will be a rolling start. Riders will proceed after registration to the start of the neutral zone, approximately 1 Km back towards Ndumberi, where the race car will be waiting. The main race will be started at 0830.

The 35 Km short race will be a static start from the start line, and will start at 0845 a.m. All short race riders will wait at the start line (junction at Cianda) until the short race start time.

There will be a water point at the Mabroukie Turn; it is a sharp left hand turn, and riders must take care when taking this corner. All riders will be recorded at this point and any rider not going through this point will be disqualified.

TT bikes, aero bars, road bikes, MTB’s and any other type of non-motorized bike are allowed, as is drafting on other riders, team work etc.

Drafting on vehicles, hanging on vehicles, going cross country or using short cuts, catching boda boda lifts, getting lifts from friends etc. etc. are not allowed‼ Anyone found cheating will be disqualified and reported to other race organisers.

Riders are advised to take care when racing to the finish  – there is an open ditch on the left hand side of the road and we do not want anyone falling into it!!

Prize giving will be at the Cianda Secondary School. Cut off time will be a maximum of 2 hours after the winning rider of the main race crosses the line. Immediately after prize giving there will be a draw of race numbers for two vouchers for Farmer’s Choice products to the value of KShs 5,000/- each; only riders actually present at the draw will qualify to win.

We look forward to seeing you all at the biggest road race of the year!!!

Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Steve  S. Strong

Farmer’s Choice Limited


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