The Environmental Challenge …a Race without End

Whenever we engage in sport there is an impact on the environment. Equipment, apparel or facilities, all have an ecological footprint and can contribute to air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and waste generation, as well as to ozone layer depletion, habitat and biodiversity loss, soil erosion and water pollution. The environmental challenges our planet faces are like a motorcycle race without end.

Ways in which sport affects the environment:

Development of fragile ecosystems or scarce land for sport
Noise and light pollution from sport
Consumption of non-renewable resources (fuel, metals, etc.)
Consumption of natural resources (water, wood, paper, etc.)
Emission of greenhouse gases by consuming electricity and fuel
Soil and water pollution
Soil erosion during construction and from spectators
Waste generation from construction of facilities and from spectators

We at FIM AFRICA believe that we need to incorporate environmental issues as part of the culture of sport management and administration.  FIM AFRICA encourages all motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts to embrace World Environment Day (5 June) by doing your bit for the environment. A sustainable environmental approach is important, though, since care for the environment is our daily duty and must not only be reserved for a single day per year.  

Let us all work together to improve sustainability for our sport for future generations in Africa.

Johannesburg, South Africa
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