Moldable boots are nothing new. Ski boots have used foams and plastics with moldable properties to help create a custom fit for many years. Ski boots are footwear used in skiing to provide a way to attach the skier to skis using ski bindings. The ski/boot/binding combination is used to effectively transmit control inputs from the skier’s legs to the snow. But the technology was never applied to hiking boots until most recently.

Tecnica,a world leader in ski boots, outdoor footwear, after-ski footwear, in-line skating, with its brands Tecnica, Blizzard, Moon Boot, Lowa, Nordica, Dolomite, Rollerblade, unveiled a new line of hiking boots called the Forge. Boot fitters use a specially designed machine to heat and mold the boot to each customer’s individual foot.

tecnica boots 2

The Forge comes in either a leather or synthetic version. Which has five unique attributes: Thermo-moldable upper, moldable insole, overlap collar design, self-locking laces, and an adaptive sole.

Tecnica Boots
Tecnica Forge: Who It’s For

This is a pricey boot, but for those who want a full-on trekking boot, it’s a nice choice. Those with hard-to-fit feet will find a wonderful solution in the customizable boot.



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