You can win a free entry to RVO (X) on 5/6 Dec 2015, all you need is to correctly identify where this photograph was taken. The first person to email me at quoting the correct info will be declared the proud winner (except anybody that was on this spectacular survey ride). This mystery quiz closes at midnight on Wednesday 26 Aug. Thereafter i will announce further race details.

RVO (X) is a 2 day mountain bike adventure race, to be held in a stunning location within 4 hours driving radius from Nairobi. The race route will be along the rim of this crater! The standard RVO 2-day race format will apply:
2 person team event.
Day 1 70 km and Day 2 50 km
100% GPS self navigation (no course markings)
100% pure adventure
Suitable for all skill levels, MTB beginner to expert.


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