Registration for RVO Sagana Hills 13/14 June is open, please click here to register. Early bird registration closes 30 April.

RVO Sagana Hills is a 2 day MTB adventure race, based at Savage Wildnerness Camp, Sagana, only 1.5 hours drive north from Nairobi google map. This event is designed mid level between RVO Malepo Hills and the breathtaking 5 day Standard Chartered Rift Valley Odyssey 23-27 September click here. If you plan on riding the Standard Chartered Rift Valley Odyssey in September, this is the perfect event to gain experience on.

Race details are:

Day 1:     70 km approx        ascent:     800m        start 09:00
Day 2:     50 km approx        ascent:    1200m        start 07:30
100% GPS self navigation
Single water / spectator point per day
Team event with 2 or 3 partners per team, that must remain together throughout the race
Teams will start off at 2 minute intervals
There will not be any prize money

RVO Sagana Hills requires an average fitness level with medium technical skills. GPS self-navigation will be more challenging than at RVO Malepo Hills. The trails include plenty of jeep / single track with short technical sections and some tough climbs with exciting descents. As with all RVO events, consider your camera as mandatory ride equipment.

This is a superb race for the family to attend, Savage Wildnerness camp click here has full amenities, restaurant, cottages, swimming pool, ample gardens, white water rafting, rock climbing, bungee jumping, zip-lining 70m across Tana River. You may book a cottage, tent or self camp, the choice is yours. A meal plan is available from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch.

Please click here to register for RVO Sagana Hills.
Please click here to register for Standard Chartered Rift Valley Odyssey


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