The route for this years RVO Sagana Hills is even better than last year, Gerald and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves discovering the additional new trails. The route format remains largely unchanged from 2014, therefore the big climbs on Stage 2 remain as big as ever! 

The. GPX format tracks will be distributed tonight via email.

My sincere appreciation goes to Gerald for his help in route survey and event planning, I really appreciated his help when he had other critical matters to focus on. I am also very grateful for the partnership with venue host Savage Wilderness Camp and the generous sponsorship from Coca-Cola, Dasani Water, USN and Castle-Lite.

Stage 1: 64 km 800m ascent: Start time 09:02: 

The route meanders between and across three large rivers, the Tana, Mathioya and Maragua, each crossing will be interesting, especially the ferry across Tana River. Navigation will be very tricky across the maze of trails. The single water Point will be at 39 km. 

RVO Kid’o’go: 7 km 100m ascent: Start time 16:00: 

Farook Lalji will lead the ride for all kids older than 8 years. This will use the same route as the night stage. All riders are welcome to join in to recce the night stage.

Night stage: 7 km 100m ascent: Start time 19:00: 

Optional for those with head lights and a thirst for illuminating Castle-Lite beer (1 free beer per night rider).

Stage 2: 48 km 1250m ascent: Start time 07:32: 

Stage 2 compensates for all the flat lowland riding of Stage 1. KOM will be timed at 26 km mark, on top of the second mountain. KOM is defined very simply as: the first team to arrive at the top claims the mountain. With each team setting off at 2 minute intervals, with fastest on Day 1 leaving last, it should be a hard race to KOM. The same water point will be visited twice, at 17 km and 40 km.

The weather in Sagana has been cold and dry during the last two weeks, the River-men forecast the same will continue …

This will be a fun weekend, based at a great location with a superb route that will challenge every skill level. I look forward to seeing you all there.

SH 2015 startlist


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