Drags and Gymkhana 2016 hosted by Club TT Motorsports In conjunction with TARDA and The county of Machakos is an annual time trial event and car festival for the motor sport enthusiast who wants to enjoy their car in a closed and safe environment and also spectate in the same.

Each vehicle was put in a specific class and allowed a timed run on the gymkhana track and the drag strip. The timings were displayed and the winners given a certificate as token of appreciation.


The two day event featured an exhilarating Saturday of quick response timed gymkhana and Super Extreme. I was caught up at KARI Challenge but from the videos and the images that flooded my inbox, Saturday exhibited some mad electrified energy. The Gymkhana was more reserved with a few impressive performances from a Starlet, Evo X, Subaru WRX and of course the STI. This prompted me to vow, to show up on Sunday by hook or crook, so Sunday Drags matching up the best in tarmac street cars pegged against each other and the clock in the ultimate battle. Before we got to the strip, My crew and I, met a good number of cars leaving the venue, We almost turned back but the again, we had come all this way for Masinga TT, we said even if it meant to race against ourselves without spectators so be it. Behold we got to the venue, and drivers we pushing their machines to the limit.


Unlike day one-Saturday the 30th July 2016, Day two featured the drag race part of the event with sprints and head to head sections. This was easily the most exciting part of the event considering the visual appeal. Though, there are races which stood out more of course like the STI vs. GTR, GTR vs. GTR, Evo X vs. GFX and obviously to sum it up, There is this Nissan March that was pitt against a merc 124, I really don’t have the very right words to describe the happenings, but this kadudu “NYAMAD” the merc


Parting Shot
Launch was significant but top-end power may carry the day if skillfully executed. Reason as to why an Imprezza beat an EVO X.
It is encouraging to note the increasing number of auto exhibit and motor sport events in the country and not just the Nairobi region.

Written By
Gaston Wagomba
Editor, Extreme Outdoors Africa


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