Always expect the unexpected. The Road Warriors time and again have proved the truth of this, in an extraordinary Sunday of surprises, a stage is set for some electrified superbike action!

We get back into full clubman Championship, Motochamp, action this coming weekend at Whistling Moran Track in Athi River, Mavoko.

The second round of the 2019 clubman Championship hosted by Road Warriors with Jimmy Wakaro of Blackrose pushing a CBR 1000rr and Shaiman of Gogo Racing on the back of Yahama R1M having potential opportunities to score podiums and points.

You will remember what Jimmi 777, while on his weapon did the last time he was at Whistling Morans a month or so ago! Having come from nasty accident recovery to topping such a tight race by no means was that lucky. He pushed his bike that has always been worked on by Blackrose Garage and it responded accordingly, this time around he meets racers in different entire, will the script change? That’s up to you to come and find out on Sunday!

Jimmi wakaro Chasing David Karuri of Bladedoc
Jimmi wakaro Chasing David Karuri of Bladedoc
Shaiman on his R1M
Shaiman on his R1M

Some Faces and Bikes you expect to see on the track on Sunday;

Edu the chef aka ETC will on a Honda CBR 1000RR

Kanaiya 55, Peejay 19, Bucks 88, Nick 71, Alex 09 and Moses 62 will all be pushing their bikes, in the Supersport 600 category! One competitive category


Being the only lady in her category, and being the only lady currently registered in the national competition, MINA REEVE has a point to prove. Her focus is entirely to build up points for both the national competition under KMSF and the clubman competition dubbed MotoCHAMP.

“Women are just as fierce and aggressive as men. While I may have one of the smaller bikes in my category, I reckon I will improve on my lap time and race lines. This may help me improve my position. In the last races I came 5th overall, I am aiming for higher”, says Mina Reeves

How are you prepared for the race on Sunday? “I will be on track on Saturday practising for the Sunday races”, Mina

Mina Reeve Photo Courtesy: Miaron Billy
Mina Reeve
Photo Courtesy: Miaron Billy

PET WALKER: She is riding a…..sorry we just got a call she might not be racing, her bike crashed. But hey, you never know she might decide to get one on loan and who knows?

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It doesn’t matter whether it’s cold or not, when the rubber meets the road there’s no debate about the season!! Sunday the 23rd of June 2019 the warriors put their skill on the track, who will be the best of them all?

For tickets you can go to *228*44# or visit

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