A polite reminder to kindly register today for the event on http://xtrym.com/index.php/bikes For more information, http://xtrym.com/index.php/events/76-white-water-rafting-bungee-jumping-adventure-august-23rd-2016


The Bicycles for Wildlife “Cycle & Walk in the Wild” challenge and Family Fun Day is an initiative of The Wildlife Foundation and Xtrym Adventures supporting the Conservation Efforts of the Maasai Community living South of Nairobi National Park in the wildlife dispersal area. For a long time, the Maasai Culture in Kenya has remained the Culture of Conservation whose pastoral lifestyle complements wildlife needs for abundant space to feed, breed and disperse. The challenges these communities face have significantly contributed to diminishing space available for wildlife as other land uses, increased populations and urban sprawl compete for these spaces.

The goal of Bicycles for Wildlife is to initiate the process of establishment of a Community Conservancy adjacent to Nairobi National Park thereby guaranteeing more space available for wildlife use. The creation of the Conservancy will also involve the development of an Economic Model that is compatible with wildlife use and competitive enough to counter other land uses that are incompatible with wildlife use. A successful Economic Model will set precedence for the establishment of other Conservancies in areas adjacent to Nairobi national park eventually leading to the re-establishment of the park’s glorious wildebeest migration route.

Cost :- KSh. 2,500 (With Own Bike)

– Roundtrip transport
– Unlimited water
– Packed lunch
– Marshalls

Not included:-
– Rental bike, at KSh.1,000 for the day

Kindly submit the registration form provided


Payment Mode:-
– Go to Mpesa menu
– Select ‘Lipa na Mpesa’
– Select ‘Buy Goods and Services’
– Enter Till number 811149


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