Kuku Ranjit pulled out of the CMC Rally on Saturday after expressing discontent with times posted by the time marshals.

Ranjit who was paired with John Consta on a double circuit track believes the times posted were incorrect.

“I cant go on with an event were my real times are different from what the marshals post,” said the disappointed Ranjit.

“I let the first run go, but how could Consta beat me in specifically run two even after reversing at some point, that everyone saw and i also have videos. I reached the finish first but the Marshal times show a different thing,” he added.

Ranjit was beaten by twelve seconds in a match-up against Consta.

“I protested my case to the officials and I was not helped. So i just had to pull out, who knows whether the same would happen the next day,”

Kawowo Sports talked to the Clerk of Course of the event in regards to Ranjit’s issue.

“I thought we sorted Kuku’s issue, yesterday we used laser beam clocks which are automatic and we retrieved the clocks again and gave Kuku his time,” he said.

Timing has been a major concern for competitors in the recent past.

Duncan Mubiru took lead of the super special with 4 seconds lead.

Courtesy of kawowo.com


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