Kirit Rajput is back and will drive his new Toyota Lexus Rally car for the first time in the forthcoming KCB Eldoret Rally.

Kirit, the former winner of Tanveer Alam award—given to the most improved driver—winner is returning to active competition after a long lay-off and he’s overly excited about it.

“I have taken a long sabbatical from motorsport in Kenya and the priority for Eldoret will be to get the car back to the finish line and gather long lost rally mileage. We will use the remainder of the season to develop the car and get used to driving a LHD. The Lexus will definitely be a crowd puller and we hope it gains the much-needed popularity on the Kenyan rallying scene,” said Kirit. The car will be used in both the KNRC rounds and the National Raid Rally events.

Kirit will spin it in national rallies while his former navigator and autocross partner Ravi Soni is expected to drive it in off road events. Ravi is the defending KNRC and Safari Rally navigators champion with Baldev Chager. Ravi won Division 3 navigators title when he navigated Kirit although the latter came second in the championship that year.

The Lexus is only one of the two cars built by the Lexus factory for the Baja 1000 and Baja 500 respectively. “ The car was previously used in long distance 1000 mile events and it is therefore not entirely compatible with Kenyan rallying. We have now fine-tuned it to suit Kenyan rallying conditions and it’s our hope that it will bear fruit. With the experience and knowledge both Ravi and Boldy (Baldev Singh Chager) have in local rallying, their assistance and support in setting up the car to suit our conditions has been second to none. I am teaming up with Shameer Ole Yusuf for Eldoret. Shameer is an active co-driver in the Tanzanian rallying series and has pledged to navigate me through the rest of the 2015 season.

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