Riskovary.jpgTainer, Julie McCann’s, Riskovary, swooped into the Harry Deakin Memorial net, like a Hawk with its eyes on a vole.

With ferocious abandon, Labour of Love could not equate with Riskovary’s convoluted energy, even when carved from a similar piece of granite. Close call for placings, but not until a Stewards enquiry pacified connections regarding Tempesta’s fall from grace.

Tempesta (James Muhindi), was racing along at a fair old pace when he appeared to find turbulence from Woodhaven. Luckily neither horse nor jockey were injured.

Ngong Results 12.20 pm – First Race – The Nakuru Champion Stakes Nigel Brennand Trophy (1,400m) 1. Happy Times (Paul Kiarie) (Casey Tibbs/Young At Heart) 2. Royal Silk (Patrick Mungai)

3. River King (James Muhindi)
4. Albela (Lesley Sercombe)

Distance: 1/2.5/6.5/0.75. Time: 1:30:5/10 secs. Favourite: Royal Silk. Runners: 5, Owned by Col. H. Farrah. Trainer Joe Karari

12.55 pm – Second Race – Olorgesalie Handicap – (1,800m)
1. Fulfield (Patrick Mungai)
2. Almeria (Michael Micino)

3. Armed n Dangerous (James Muhindi)

Distance: 1/2.4/3.5/8. Time: 1:57:9/10 secs. Favourite: Scaramouche. Runners: 6; Owned by E. Njoroge. Trainer Surat Mohhamed Noor

1.30 pm – Third Race – Gede Maiden – (2,060m) 1. Primavera (Peter Lesengei)
2. Cascade ( Lesley Sercombe)
3. Hood (Patrick Ngugi)

Distance: 2.4/3.5/5.5/short-head. Time: 2:18:6/10 secs. Favourite: Cascade. Runners: 7; Owned by Elsa and Romolo Severini. Trainer Julie McCann

2.05 pm – Fourth Race – Muguruk Handicap – (1,400m)

1. Go Public (Patrick Ngugi)
2. Mama Mia (James Muhindi)
3. Paspaley (Lesley Sercombe)

Distance: short-head/1/4.5/1. Time: 1:31:5/10 secs. Favourite: Paspaley. Runners: 7; Owned by J. Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

2.40 pm – Fifth Race – The Harry Deakin Memorial Bowl – (1,000m)

1. Riskovary (David Miri) (Russian Revival/Risky Business)
2. Labour of Love (Lesley Sercombe)
3. Woodhaven (Daniel Tanui)
4. Hunting Call (Paul Kiarie), Tempesta fell;

Distance: 1.4/1/neck/short-head. Time: One flat minute. Favourite: Winner 6-4. Runners: 8; Owned by Mary Binks and B. Helander. Trainer Julie McCann

3.15 pm – Sixth Race – The Kenya St. Leger Royal Artillary Cup (2,800m)

1. Stake Ur Claim (Lesley Sercombe) (Russian Revival/Em Your Honour)
2. Bravery (Paul Kiarie)
3. Mozart (Patrick Mungai)
4. The Nutcracker (Richard Kibet)

Distance: 6/8/3/half. Time: 3:05:4/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 4-7. Runners: 6; Owned by Mim Haynes, Dee Roberts, Yogi Patel, and, Carol Bremner. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

3.50 pm – Seventh Race – Chetambe Handicap (1,000m)

1. Serene Geisha (James Muhindi)
2. Kaptivate (Lesley Sercombe)
3. Iceland (Daniel Tanui)

Distance: 4/1.4/short-head/2.5. Time: 1:02:5/10 secs. Favourite: Kaptivate. Runners: 9; Owned by J. Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

4.25 pm – Eighth Race – Kilombe Maiden (1,200m)

1. Manzhouli (Peter Lesengei)
2. Rifle Range (James Muhindi)
3. Ari G (Patrick Ngugi)

Mara Legend withdrawn; Distance: 3.5/half/4/2.5. Time: 1:15:7/10. Favourite: Winner 7-4. Runners: 9; Owned by Mary Binks. Trainer Julie McCann

4.55 pm – Ninth Race – Shaka Handicap (1,800m)

1. Usurper (K. Mbugua)
2. Capelvale (Jacob Lokorian)
3. Kijito (James Muhindi)

Distance: short-head/2.5/2.5/8. Time: 1:56:2/10 secs. Favourite: Joie D’Vivre. Runners: 6; Owned by Sheikh Hamid Butt and Doctor Patrick Musimba. Trainer Joe Karari
Next Appointments: June 14 – Lesukut Yearling Sales. Racing June 22 – for OB.TS Festival.

Courtesy of Standard Digital News


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