5_51.pngPOLO action resumes today at the North Kenya Club, Timau with eight teams playing in two categories.

The three-day tourney is the final one of 2014 to be hosted by the club. In a message to all lovers of the ‘man-and-horse’ game, NKPC chairman, Gordon Murray expressed his gratitude to those who made this year’s events at the club possible and successful.

Six teams will feature in the Nanyuki Sports Club Autumn Polo Cup (main cup) whereas two line-ups will face off in the subsidiary division’s North Kenya Rose Bowl. The six sides include Samsung Galaxy (SG) Nairobi, SG North Kenya, SG Manyatta, Martins, Worried Rhino’s and Syngenta. Highest handicapped player in the tournament Casimir Gross (5) will turn out for SG North Kenya together with Anthony Gross (1), Tarquin Gross (2.5) and Nicola Young (-0.5).

SG North Kenya starts the tourney handicap eight followed by SG Nairobi and Syngenta who have 7.5 each. The Nairobi team comprises of Philip Arunga (2.5), Raphael Nzomo (2), Vishal Somaia (2) and handicap 1, Senator Gideon Moi. Starting on handicap 4.5, Jamie Murray, north Kenya Polo Club vice captain will lead Mbu Ngugi (2), Topper Murray (1) and Dani Murray (0). Teeing off on seven will be SG Manyatta while Worried Rhino’s and Martins both serve off on six.

The lower tier pits Samsung Tab 3 and Syngenta Tilt where either Casimir or Jamie will turn out for the former once again. One of the two will be joined by Robert Koitaba (-1.5) in addition to siblings Izzy and Lockie Stichbury both handicapped (-2). Stewart Lucy (0), Delulu Upson (-0.5), Clinton Lucy (-1) and Elizabeth Lucy (-1.5) make up team Syngenta Tilt.

The home and away system will be adopted in the subsidiary division while the main Cup will be played in a round robin format.

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