Marathon Training Program:
Packing List

Packing Tips

  • For out of town races in
    particular, don’t wait until the night before you travel to collect and
    pack needed items. Rather, make a list of things you wish to take and
    begin getting them together in the days prior to your departure.
  • Whether you’re running
    in your hometown marathon or traveling out of town, collect everything
    you need to take to the race site for your workout bag and have it ready
    the night before the race. Also, pin your race number to the front of
    your singlet or t-shirt. It’s a good idea to take along an extra roll of
    toilet paper in case there’s none remaining
  • when you visit the bathroom
    or port-o-potty. You’ll have enough on your mind race morning, let
    alone worrying about items you need to wear or take to the starting
  • Plan for all types of
    weather as conditions can change rapidly. It’s better to pack everything
    you might need rather than having to scurry around a new city looking
    for clothing and/or accessories at the last minute.
  • mrt_16.jpgFor races held in cold conditions, consider bringing some clothing that you can discard during the race after you warm up.
  • If you are traveling out
    town, be sure to pack healthy snack foods you may wish to eat the
    weekend of the marathon. Eliminate the need to search for a grocery
    store that stocks your favorite foods.
  • Bring bottled water on-board aircraft if
    you will be flying to your marathon destination as flying at high
    altitudes can contribute to dehydration. Due to carry-on luggage
    restrictions, bottled water must be purchased from airport vendors
    located past security checkpoints. As an alternative, empty water
    bottles are acceptable carry-on items and can be filled after passing
    through security.
  • If you’re traveling to
    an out of town race by air, it is extremely important that the running
    shoes and apparel you plan to wear for the marathon are packed in
    carry-on luggage so that in the event your baggage is lost or delayed by
    the airline, you will at least have these “essential” items with you.

Packing List

Keep in mind that the list below of possible items to pack is not
all-inclusive. Factors such as weather conditions, food preferences,
etc. are quite variable. Nevertheless, refer to the list, as an aid in
helping you organize and pack needed items for the marathon.

Essential Gear – “Carry On” Luggage Items

  • Running Shoes
  • Socks
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Prescription Medications
  • Emergency contact list (phone numbers
    and email addresses)
  • Medical Alert (if needed)
  • Medical Records (especially for international
    travel in either hardcopy or CD form)

Other Possible Clothing Items

  • Singlet
  • Shorts
  • Warm-Ups (Jacket and Long Pants)
  • Sports Bra
  • Gloves
  • Hat
  • T-Shirt (Long and Short Sleeve)
  • Sweat Shirt
  • Tights
  • Rain Jacket

Other Handy Items

  • Body Glide, Skin Lube, or Vaseline
  • Foot Powder
  • Handkerchief
  • Shoe Laces
  • Workout Bag
  • Lock for locker
  • Towel
  • Race Confirmation (to receive race number, if applicable)
  • Ibuprofen
  • Safety Pins
  • Sweat Bands
  • Analgesic Cremes (e.g., Ben Gay, Myoflex, etc.)
  • ID Tags (for you and your bag)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Sample Size Toiletries
  • Airport Check List (e.g., prohibited carry on-items, baggage size/weight restrictions, etc.)
  • Garbage bag (to use in cold or wet weather)
  • Sun-visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun-Block

Possible* Food/Beverage Items

  • Power Bars
  • Gel Energy Supplements
  • Snack/Pre-Race Items (e.g., Bagels, Muffins, Fruit, etc.)
  • Sports Drinks
  • Bottled Water

* Be sure that you have experimented with these or any other food items (during your training) prior to the marathon.


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