Oru, the origami-inspired folding kayak company, now offers a way for pairs to get on the water. The Haven is the world’s first folding kayak for two people.

Oru made a splash in 2013 when it introduced an ultra-portable concept to the kayaking world. With specially designed creases, an Oru kayak can fit in your sedan’s trunk one moment and cross a lake the next.

Announced this week, Oru doubles down on its commitment to folding kayaks with the brand’s first tandem folding kayak.

The Haven is 20 percent larger by volume than Oru’s single-occupancy models. But folded down, the single kayak is nearly the same size as the double kayak. The Haven is just a few inches larger than the standard Oru model when folded down.

Oru launches the Haven on Indiegogo September 17. It’s expected to ship in March 2019 for $2,299.

Oru claims the Haven can fit two people comfortably. And by switching the seat buckles around, the Haven can function as a single- or double-seat kayak.

For those new to Oru, the brand crafts its kayaks out of 5mm-thick double-layered custom-extruded polypropylene. The art of origami inspired the original design, and the boats fold in intricate patterns for storage.

Oru kayaks fold out from a compact box into a boat in minutes. We’ve set up single-seater kayaks from the brand in less than five minutes. It’s remarkable how easy it is to get on the water in an afternoon with a folding kayak.

The polypropylene material is designed to fold up to 20,000 times. And as for sun exposure, Oru claims it has a 10-year UV treatment.

GearJunkie has used a few of the brand’s boats and can vouch for a high build quality and fun kayaking experience. While the folding and unfolding can feel confusing at first, after a few setups, the kayaks are quick to deploy on the water.

What’s New: Oru Haven Tandem Kayak

For reference, Oru says the Haven combines the stability and setup of the Beach LT with the speed of the Coast XT. The Beach LT is the brand’s starter model, and the Coast XT is the brand’s expedition-grade kayak.

The Haven weighs 45 pounds, with a carrying capacity of 450 pounds. And, as a bonus, the Haven uses a track system to support accessories like cup holders and fishing rods.

Oru’s Indiegogo for the Haven begins on September 17. You can pre-order one for $2,299.


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