We are thrilled to finally bring you the FoNNaP NAIROBI NATIONAL PARK NATURAL HISTORY GUIDE. It will be available in the FoNNaP office next Wednesday and we have begun accepting orders. You will love the exquisite photographs by Paolo Torchio, illustrations by Dino Martins and content generously written by a host of Nairobi Park experts.

Members price Kshs 1,350/- 

Public price Kshs 1,500/-.

Please consider getting copy for yourselves and others for your friends as Christmas gifts, and/or circulate this email to invite your friends to also purchase the book. You can place your order and pay Nyawira at the FoNNaP office fonnap1@gmail.com

Our book is generously endorsed by Richard Leakey, Jonathan Kingdon, Jonathan and Angela Scott and Ali Kaka. Please read on….

"Finally a guide for Nairobi National Park that reignites the passion that residents and tourists have for this unique city Park. This book reminds us why we love Nairobi National Park, and why we must defend it against the pressure to release land for development."  Richard Leakey

"In such a splendid guide book as this, those who founded Kenya’s magnificent parks could scarcely have foreseen how a later generation would celebrate this very special and singular park. I am confident that this book, will inspire yet further generations to observe, and discover the nature they have been so fortunate to inherit.” Jonathan Kingdon

"There is nowhere quite like Nairobi National Park. Where else in the world can you see lions and leopards roaming wild within the city limits? Now there is a Guide Book to open your eyes to what a remarkable Park this is. Unbeatable value!" Jonathan and Angela Scott

“I urge every Kenyan and visitor to Kenya to buy, to read and to experience the wonders of Nairobi National Park through this unique Guide” Ali Kak

For more information or to place an order please contact Nyawira fonnap1@gmail.com

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