Music tourism, a strange and unfamiliar term to many till this post goes live, is now a massive phenomenon that’s only getting more popular, thanks to a thriving music scene and young consumers eager to have new experiences.

As the travel industry gears up for exciting developments, music tourism seems to be the buzzword topping all travel trends across the globe.

With Musical festivals, they are not just limited to music; the idea behind these is to sell an experience, and the more unconventional the experiences, the better. Music tourism and festivals are not only a great way for independent artists to showcase their talents, but also help bring tourists to new destinations and boost local employment.At this type of festivals, more people will seek to explore popular unconventional destinations and festivals that reflect the culture, heritage, and ethos of the local region.

Heard about Nyege Nyege festival across our boarders here in Uganda, Jinja. We’ll afew adventure enthusiasts filled up and Van and we were off, 550 Kilometres from Nairobi, we set camp in Jinja and We swore to let what happens at Nyege stay at Nyege, but kidogo tu, I will give you a test of what you might have missed out. Ok BABY?, Insert deep luganda accent. (JUST AN INSIDERS JOKE!

Well, the festival in itself , is held on the banks of river Nile. Afew metres from the Owen Falls Dam. For the last three years, that has been the home of Nyege Nyege till they acquired title sponsor MTN now now as MTN Nyege Nyege!Being its third edition, Nyege Nyege Festival feature well over 200 artists on 5 stages! Hell yeah, 200+ plus artists performing and nijas having a time of their life for 4 days and 5 nightS!sociable camping space, a dozen film screenings under the open sky, bars food stands i think I saw a PS stand all this giving fans and enthusiasts uninhibited excitement.

Away from the fest, there was bit of touring Jinja and sample out what it had to offer. We went rafting on the Nile with amazing crew from ADRIFT! Heart-pounding whitewater rafting excitement; unequalled anywhere on the planet!For the serious adrenaline junkies. Join the Adrift team on the Nile for the wildest ride of your life. Expect to be washed from the raft by the mighty Nile whitewater and spend some time beneath a capsized raft. Finish off your day with an exhilarating river surfing ride at Superhole on either boogie boards or one of our surfboards.

Then there was FOOOD! mayooooo! Goodness, I must have added a couple of KGs while in Jinja. IN the morning wake up to Katogo fresh fish from the lake victoria. Food in this country is way to cheap for life, With UGX15000 you have a huge breakfast, you eat till you DROP! Beer, mmmmhh , you people from Nairobi are used to 250/300 for that poison, here museveni is super super generous, 140 thos ejisty jisty places otherwise, beer goes at the same price of petrol, UGX 4,000 or Kenyan money 114/=. BTW we had our tanks full in UG, on return we know what we’ll be starring uat us, BORA UHAI!

Multi cultures, these few days we have been here, I have met people from all over the world, from Israelies to Koreans to Cameroonians and of course Kenyans and Ugandans. kenyans we left with from here in Nairobi, AMAZING CREW! We should plan for another trip already! All these humans at the fest made me regain confidence in Humanity.

So other stuff you want to know, join us next yeah for Nyege Nyege Festival, if Lokode willl not decide otherwise.


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