Last week, We were fortunate enough to witness and be part of the filming of No Mans Land Film Festival in Kenya at the Diamond Plaza Cinema.

The fil essentially was UN-DEFINING what it means to be a woman in adventure, sport, and film.

NMLFF is the premier all-women adventure film festival based out of Colorado, celebrating the full scope of woman-identified athletes and adventurers, looking to undefine what it means to be a woman in adventure, sport, and film.

NO Man Land Film Festival champions women with grit, hustle, determination, and boundless passion, investing them with the respect, support, and media recognition they deserve.

The films featured climbing, kayaking, running, mountain biking, photography, mountaineering, and much more outdoor fun all by women!

After the films were screened, There was this unforgettable panel of badass Kenyan women breaking barriers in the outdoors, including Liz Ndindi of Climbing Life Kenya,  Women Who Hike and Stellah Wanjohi.

The scale is tilting every single day, we now have more and more women who are taking outdoor and adventure head one. From Superbiking to Rock climbing to bodybuilding something that has been for ages reserved for the men.


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