Laikipia_Conservancy.jpgThe International Union for Conservation of Nature has recognised Ol ari Nyiro area of Laikipia Nature Conservancy as a Key biodiversity area.

This recognition follows more than 20 years of research, environmental data assessment and field work to establish the variety of habitats supporting different insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and plants.

The message of recognition was delivered to Laikipia Nature Conservancy director Kuki Gallman yesterday by Nature Kenya’s Conservation Monitoring and Climate Change coordinator Fred Baraza. Nature Kenya is an affiliate organisation of IUCN.

Baraza said an area should have rare, new plant and animal species to get the scientific recognition.

Two new animal species were discovered in the area last year- a butterfly, only known from the Engelesha forest, discovered by Mike  Roberts, and named  Aslauga gallmannae and a frog, Tomopterna gallmanni, discovered by Museum researcher Victor Wasonga.

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