NASA.jpgNairobi Amateur Swimming Association will hold their double “A” championships this weekend at Makini School.

This will mean only the few who managed to qualify for the double As will participate in the two day event.

Nine year old Owen Maywaka, who managed to splash away with a hat trick of records at the NASA Group “A” championships will represent Moi Educational Centre . Maywaka who was the best in the 8-9 boys category beat the triple “A” record of 56.00 clocking 55.31 in the breaststroke and 50m backstroke tapping the wall in a record 52.1 seconds.

McCoy Brendan who was the best in the 15 and under category will also grace the occasion.

The just concluded competition also showcased encouraging talent with most swimmers recording good times.

In the 6-year boys category Kerama Nanyuki was the top achiever managing to a brace of records and scooping seven gold medals.

Meanwhile in the 6-girls category 6-year girls section Lailah Makena from Makini School splashed her way to the finish, achieving the triple “A” times standard while winning seven gold medals.

Nasa chairman Reginald Okumu noted there was great response from swimmers as the “200 IM” began its full effect this season.

“We reviewed our standards by adjusting times and encouraging swimmers to learn swimming all strokes through the “200 IM rule”. The response on the time adjustments is very encouraging with swimmers easily attaining the new time standards,” said Okumu.

He also said there is great talent among the swimmers who take part in this gala.

“Having 6 -year-olds meet the triple ‘A’ qualification time is very impressive,” he said.

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