By Johnson Were
Sunday, July 20, 2014

National Motocross Championship Round four

Point standings

MX1 category
V. Pee  237 pts
A. Blick Jr  201
T. Kiggundu  166

MX2 category
F. Kiggundu  222
H. Kamstra  175
M. Ntayiro  167

85cc category
A. Omar  215
A. Blick  207 
W. Omar  170

65cc category
B. Nsumba  198
J. Mwangala  180
W. Omar  173

50cc category
H. Kiggundu  206
E. Mwangala  190
I. Nkurunziza  152
The battle for supremacy will continue in the fourth round of
the National Motocross Championship at the Garuga track, Wakiso today
(Sunday, July 20, 2014).

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