Most people including myself, do not approach running as they do strength training. They just set out on unplanned jogs around the block, throw in some sprints, and call it a day.

But targeted workouts geared toward your fitness goals—training for a marathon, growing faster, getting fitter—make a world of a difference.

To help US all become more methodical with in our runs I have talked to different trainers and read widely and combed up workout designed to train a different energy system to help you, no! “us” (who are just starting out, and those who are more experienced.) improve endurance, speed, and power:

1. Before each workout, though, remember to start with a dynamic warm up. Warm ups minimize your risk of injury, increase heart rate, raise blood flow to your muscles, and help you burn more calories mid-workout.

2.Go for a comfortable 5- to 8-minute jog, then complete these drills to neurologically prime your body for your workout. Mark 20 yards. Focus on nailing the proper form for each drill, and increasing your speed as you progress.

Walking lunges
Knee hugs
Ankle pulls
High knees
Butt kicks
Straight-leg kicks
Lateral shuffle

3.Finally, make sure you cool down post-workout. Jog to flush the lactic acid out of your legs, and stretch while your muscles are still warm. Foam rolling will also help reduce soreness, and keep your muscles from getting knotted.


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