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MX 1results:
1. Maxime Van Pee 57 Pts
2. Ivan Guya 52 (Guest)
3 Arthur Blick Jr 47
4. Chris Prinsloo 39

1. Ngugi Waweru 60
2. Alestair Blick 51
3. Ahmed Tamale 43
4. Ali Omar 41

1. Fortune Ssentamu 55
2. Wazir Omar 51
3. Ben Nsumba 50
1. Waleed Omar 60
2. Arnold Nyanzi 51
3. Malcom Lubega 45

1. Milton Akaki 57
2. Isabella Blick 54
3. Ryan Aruho 51

Ladies Class:
1. Isabella Blick 60
2. Alescia Van Pee 49
3. Amina Zawedde 47

Despite defeating Kenya national team captain and MX1 champion Ivan Guya during the fifth round of the National Motocross Championship at Victoria Race Way Park Garuga on Sunday, Maxime Van was not happy with the results of the day.

The Uganda team captain, who won 2 of the 3heats, said that he had wanted to win all the tightly contested 3heats for Ugandan fans to celebrate more.
“Yes I have won the overall but I wanted to win the third heat too for our fans who have endured all the dust and hot weather,” Maxime stated with a low tone.

“I made a mistake and fell in the last heat but it is good I won overall,” Maxime added.

He was however impressed with the standard of Ugandan riders in the junior classes and said motocross has a future.

Guya, who led the Kenya team as guest riders, also attributed his defeat to the crash in the first heat and engine failure in the second heat when he entered a wrong gear in a corner and failed to start in time.

He promised to fight back in the FIM Africa nation’s championship in Zimbabwe next month.

Ngugi Superior to Blick and Omar

In the MX2 category Kenya’s Ngugi Waweru won all the 3 heats to defeat Uganda’s top rid
The Kenyan stylish youngster had a good-start focus on the track and his bike could was stronger than that of Ugandans.

In the 85cc category Fortune Ssentamu won 2 of the 3heats to defeat Kenya’s Rolf Kihara who won a heat and finished second and thirds respectively in the2 heats.

Waleed Omar won the 65cc category while Milton Akaki successfully revenged the Isabella Blick’s defeat in Busiika in the previous event.

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