Maxime Van Pee comfortably pulled off the season opener in an enthusiastic race last Sunday at the Busiika Arena.

He overwhelmingly proved to have no threat in the MX1 championship after he swept all the three heats even after letting his competitors take the hole-shot for a minute in the last two heats.

“Am happy with the first round and am so much hoping to win this year,” he said after Sunday’s win.

The victory tagged him as the biggest contender for the MX1 championship as he now leads the standings.

The 21 year old is now targeting the more competitive FIM Africa championship.

“Am aiming for at least a podium finish in the FIM Africa championship in Botswana and its what am training for,” he added.

Maxime was disqualified in one of the heats at last year’s Africa championship thus finishing 9th overall.

This year’s FIM Africa Motorcross of African Nations is scheduled for 29th August in Botswana.

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