The Source of the Nile Rally in Iganga proved to be the most interesting, fast but yet most treacherous rally.

Only 10 crews of the 38 that started the rally managed to complete the event that started last Saturday in Jinja.

The manner in which crews dropped out, left many wondering whether it was because of the roads, speeds or  cars.

Kawowo Sports got in touch with some navigators who shared their thoughts about the rally.

George Semakula who was Duncan Mubiru’s navigator of the day blames the car for their retirement from the rally.

Our issue was the rear right arm that broke, it must have broken in the of 49km stage. The car was not stable on the road in the last stage, we thought it was a puncture, not until we hit over simple rocks that the arm broke completely

For Adam Essa’s crew, Aaron Nsamba admits their engine caused the drop out than the routes.

There was nothing wrong with the routes or speeds. I will think that rally preps was the problem in this rally. We knew about our engine issue, we decided to drive a rebuilt one which eventually gave way, we cant put the issue on roads.

Aaron however, believes with the arrival of the new engine, the crew will be back in the title chase.

Frank Serugo, a navigator to Wycliff Bukenya explained how their drop out came about.

The car’s response was all good since the super special stage, our fate came after going 16km in sunday’s second stage. We realised the driver’s rear tyre was imbalanced and we  could not continue. Generally the rally was fast and needed someone to go fast on the road to achieve the best stage.

With several drivers falling aside, the ten-times MX champions Arthur Blick Jr topped the standings after a 5minutes, 3seconds lead last weekend.

All the Ten finishers have the task to maintain their consistence to remain in the title bid. As the championship is still open.

NRC Standings
1. Arthur Blick Jr. 160 pts
2. Duncan Mubiru 100
3. Pole Pole Wilberforce 90
4. Christakis Fitidis 75
5. Fred Wapamba 75

The next NRC round is scheduled for 9-10th of May.

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