Have you dreamt of riding on an outstanding multi-day mountain bike adventure?

Join me for 4 days in the Loita Hills during Easter weekend, 25-28 March, riding the Loita Hills 50 km east of Maasai Mara. Due to the area’s remoteness, only a tiny handful of us have cycled the area, we attest that this is probably the most outstanding mountain bike destination in Kenya!


Trip itinerary:
Fri 25/3 drive 4 hours from Nairobi to start point then cycle 40-70 km into camp.
Sat 26/3 cycle 40-70 km
Sun 27/3 cycle 40-70 km
Mon 28/3 cycle 40-70 km to pick up point then drive 4 hours back to Nairobi.

Multiple distance options are available to cater for different strengths of cyclists. Shorter distances will be achieved by hopping in / out of support vehicles at different points along the same route. Each person / team will require a gps for self navigation.

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Loita_Hill_3This RVO Adventure is based at Jan’s Camp, deep within the forests of Loita Hills. The luxurious camp has only 3 tents and 3 bandas, available on first booked – first paid basis. Once all 12 luxury beds are booked the alternative is a standard safari tent or self camp. All accommodation will be on a shared basis.

The logistics of a “drop off n ride” itinerary demands the rental of multiple vans to transport us. Each safari van comfortably carries 6 passengers plus luggage. Bikes will be boxed and loaded into another vehicle.

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