2015 Laikipia XC

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6 days | 500km | 10,000m | 7-12 July
2 days | 150km | 1,800m | 10-12 July

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The Laikipia XC takes place in the heart of the Laikipia plateau, at the foot of Africa’s second highest mountain, Mount Kenya. You will ride through the Mount Kenya forest, along the foothills of the mountain, into wildlife conservancies, private farms and ranches and have the opportunity to see lots of wildlife along the way. It truly is an experience of a lifetime. You will be staying in a safari style camp in the complete wild, miles from the nearest form of civilisation. Hot bush showers, amazing food, the African night sky and animal calls await you at the end of a long day in the saddle. You will experience true hospitality from our professional and welcoming crew each day.

“The Laikipia XC is more than just a bike race, it is also a life experience and safari rolled into one”

Justin Price, professional New Zealander mountain biker
Laikipia XC 2014

The race route has been carefully thought out and will provide you with varied, challenging riding each day. The altitude and heat also plays a serious factor in the course difficulty – it is the toughest race in East Africa yet! The course is fully marked and we have great support from rangers in the wildlife conservancies.

“The best day I have ever had on a mountain bike!”

Teresa Abumohor
Chilean National MTB Champion
Laikipia XC 2014

What is included:
Tented accommodation from the night of Tuesday 7th July to the night of Saturday 11th July. 5 nights in total, one 2 man tent per rider
Three full meals a day from dinner of day 1 to breakfast of day 6
Participant t-shirt
Participant jersey
Race medical services (basic treatment)
Drinking water
Transfer of one bag to each race venue starting on Stage 1 (no larger than 90cm x 60cm)
AMREF flying doctor’s cover
Secure bike storage area
Conservation fees and Charity Donation.

The 2 day event will include all of the above, however with the following changes:

Tented accomodation from Friday 10th July to Saturday 11th July. 2 nights in total, One person per tent
Meals from dinner on the 10th to breakfast on the 12th.
Transfer of one bag to each race venue starting on day 1.

Massage services and a bike cleaning and mechanical services are available at each race camp.
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