By Musembi Nzengu

Bakari_Chongwa.pngTWENTY-five years after British wildlife conservationist George Adamson was felled by a poacher’s bullet within Kora National Park, the park is set to have a lion sanctuary made in his honour.

Adamson kept a pack of lions at his Kambi ya Simba abode in the Kora park before he was ambushed and killed on August 20, 1989.

“The aura of George is still around,” said Kenya Wildlife Service senior warden Bakari Chongwa.

“We are here to sniff it, think what this man had and carry on with it.”

He was speaking to the press at the KWS headquarters in Nairobi on Wednesday during preparations for the 25th anniversary of Adamson’s death.

He said the event will take place at the late Adamson’s graveside within the park on August 30.

“Our desire is to relive the life of George Adamson,” Chongwa said.

He said KWS had always wanted to use “the legendary Baba wa Simba” as the key promoter of Kora National Park.

He added that ‘The Last Wilderness’ has already been adopted as the phrase to market the sanctuary.

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-KWS senior warden Bakari Chongwa speaking at the Kora National reserve on Wednesday. He said lions will be reintroduced in honour of wildlife conservationist George Admason.

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