Kenya struggled against South Africa and Botswana in the individual classes of the FIM Africa Cross- Country of African Nations but won the overall title because of a numerical advantage.

The event which was held at the expansive Kisima Farm in Timau over the weekend saw South Africa and Botswana, who did not have enough participants afor team events dominate individual category races in an event which attracted over 50 riders.

The final overall team results saw Kenya collect 50 points while Botswana and South Africa finished joint second on 20. There were no finishers on B8 & B9 classes.

Kenyans last won the coveted overall team award when the country hosted the XCOAN at Soysambu Conservancy in 2011.

South Africa won the B1 category for bikes with a total of 6210 points against Kenya’s 1159. In this category, South Africa’s Eduan Bester outpaced Kenyan Llyod Destro to clinch victory.  Bester covered the four laps of the picturesque Kisima loop in 4:36.15 hours while Destro who incurred a massive 8:10.00 hours penalty with a cumulative total of 13:15.58 hours.

The B2 category for bikes went to Botswana on a total points score of 3612 while Kenya finished second and third on 11817 pts and 11715 pts respectively. In the B2 Class, Vincent Crosbie of Botswana was peerless after he cleared four laps of the challenging loop in 4:54.40hours ahead of Kenyan Shaun Miller who clocked 5:00.55hours.

Ben Spinks (Kenya) came third and was timed at  5:10.25 with the fourth position going to Per Bjerre of Tanzania in a time of 5:23.08. Bjerre is no stranger to the Kenyan terrain having represented Tanzania in a couple of FIM Africa CAC motocross events a few years back.

Other Kenyan finishers in the B2 class included Alan De Boer (6th), rally drivers Malcolm Destro and Ian Duncan (7th and 8th), Ross Field (9th), Franco Checchni (10th) and Markkus Takkunen (14th).

The B3 class for quad bikes went to South Africa on 6110 pts. Kenyans managed 1229 pts. South Africa’s Ted Barbier won B3 for quads with a cumulative total of 4:37.50 hours ahead of Kenyan multiple champion Shazar Anwar who clocked 4:51.35.

Final team results

Kenya 50 points, South Africa and Botswana 20 each.


B1, four laps:  1. Eduan Bester (RSA) 4:36.15, 2. Lloyd Destro (Kenya) 13:15.58.

B2, four laps: 1. Vincent Crosbie (Botswana) 4:54.40, 2. Shaun Miller (Kenya) 5:00.55, 3. Ben Spinks (Kenya) 5:10.25, 4. Per Bjerre (Tanzania) 5:23.8, 5. Alan Wickham (Kenya) 5:28.21, 6. Alan de Boer (Kenya) 6:54.14, 7. Malcolm Destro (Kenya) 12:46.55; Three laps: 8. Ian Duncan (Kenya) 4:28.30, 9. Ross Field (Kenya) 4:31.00 ,10. Franco Checchini (Kenya) 4:40.00, 11. Caleb Simonson (Tanzania) 4:49.30, 12. Caleb Swart (Tanzania) 4:49.48, 13. Lane Simonson (Tanzania) 4:55.20, 14. Markus Takkunen (Kenya) 5:09.55.

Overall classification, B3: Ted Barbier (RSA) 4:37.50, 2. Shazar Anwar (Kenya) 4:51.35.

Overall classification, B5 Quad:  1. Ted Barbier (RSA) 4:37.50.

Samson Ateka is KMSF Media Liaison

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