International Women’s Day – It’s all about you!


2016 will mark the 10th anniversary of the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission.
To celebrate this very special anniversary, the Commission is aiming to raise the profile of all the women involved in motorcycling activities, bring their presence into the limelight and underscore their importance for the motorcycling world.
A global awareness campaign will be actively driven by the Commission throughout the year, showcasing portraits of women active in motorcycling, from all continents and from all spheres, sporting and non-sporting.
To enrich this campaign, we want you to share your experience, your path, your success story and encourage more girls and women to join the motorcycling world!
By taking part, you will help to show that opportunities for women in motorcycling are almost unlimited if you are passionate and you want to join in. Your success will enforce other women’s belief that it is possible!
Share your experience and create your “Women in Motorcycling Portrait” HERE
A dedicated website will soon be available where you will find all these portraits. A video-clip will also be produced to celebrate all of you, girls and women, who are part of the motorcycling world!
Please share this link with as many girls and women as possible to help us reach and reflect the widest possible panorama of the female presence in motorcycling.

Follow and share the campaign on Facebook. #FIMWomen10Years


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