5_0.pngHarrison Mburu, (extreme right) Chairman of the National Gun Owners Association presents a cheque worth Sh100,000 to Aliya Habib ( centre) and Paul (extreme left) of FoNNap.

The National Gun Owners Association of Kenya (KNGOA) gathered together 52 pistol shooters drawn from the Kenya Prisons Service, GSU, and civilian firearm holders on Saturday for the purpose of raising funds for the Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNap).

FoNNaP is a non-profit making Society founded in 1995 whose objectives are, among others, to promote the retention of the wild and indigenous nature and biological diversity of Nairobi Park, including its ecosystem, flora and fauna; to encourage and build partnerships with rural and urban communities that border the Park and its migration routes; to influence opinions and decisions concerning activities and events which might have detrimental effects on the park’s ecosystem and access routes for migration.

The practical pistol shoot was quite a departure from the norm, with all non-threat targets being animals, and any shot to these targets being penalised as well as being charged Sh500 per shot as part of the fund raiser. Sh100,000 was raised during the event.

The winners in the different categories were: Civilian Category–1. Solomon Kimeu, 2. Mbabu Muturi, 3. Frank Ambundo.

Disciplined Forces Category:–1. Samuel Chacha (GSU), 2. Samuel Ngeno (GSU), 3. Alamin Lubisia (Prisons).

The overall winner was Solomon Kimeu while the Best Lady prize went to Monicah Ndumbu.

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