Leave you knobbly tyres behind, instead “Bring your Roadbike to the Elephant Slaughter”….
Short race 50k kms total distance out and back @ 3000/= (see map attached)
Long race 90k kms total distance out and back @ 2000/= (see map attached)
Early bird discount 50% off for the first 10 entries for each race, up until 19th August. Entry by Mpesa only. Mpesa # 0702709729. All entry fee goes towards prize money kitty.
Normal entries close Sunday 28th September.
VIP entries available thereon at 50% extra for each race up until Wednesday 8th October.
Route is along the C66 road that runs from Thika rd (mangu area) to Uplands (Flyover) traversing the Gatamaiyo Forest Reserve.
Come be part of the 2014 TDF + Commonwealth games after-party!!!!
Just like the NHITT this is a DIY race so absolutely 100% self supported. No backup car, no water stops, no ambulance. However water can be bought along the way and plenty of public transport (matatus, boda bodas etc) available to carry you back to start point.

The Psycho Challenge Team.

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