Teams of minimum 5 are still eligible for the 50% early bird discount entry up until 28th September when Normal entry closes and VIP entry begins!!!
Also anyone in the top 10 in yesterday’s LHITT race is eligible for 50% early bird discount entry up until 28th September when Normal entry closes and VIP entry begins!!!

So Long race 5,000/= for 5 people and Short race 7,500/= for 5 people. Teams must ride in the same top, be it riding jersey or T-Shirt etc, etc. Bottom can be anything or nothing.
Otherwise normal entry rates are 2000/- for the short race and 3000/- for the long race. VIP entries available thereon at 50% extra for each race up until Wednesday 8th October.
Both races start of at 9:00 am outside Bubbles Restaurant.

Gatamaiyo Race Long profile

Gatamaiyo Short profile

This is a very beautiful area to ride your bike. Absolutely NO technical skills required as its very new tarmac with hardly any traffic.And its an out and back route so if you get tired you just turn around and head back.

We pass through enough towns so you can buy water, bananas, juice, tea, muratina or whatever fuel you use.
Farmers choice have donated their much sought after riding jerseys for podium places 1 & 2 male and female long and short races!!! This is in addition to the cash prizes for the event!!!

Route is along the C66 road that runs from Thika rd (mangu area) to Uplands (Flyover) traversing the Gatamaiyo Forest Reserve.
Just like the NHITT this is a DIY race so absolutely 100% self supported. No backup car, no water stops, no ambulance. However water can be bought along the way and plenty of public transport (matatus, boda bodas etc) available to carry you back to start point.
NOTE: Anyone willing to volunteer to equip and/or man/woman the water points e.g. at the turn around point is highly encouraged to email me back so we can discuss. Also likewise for anyone keen to volunteer to take photographs for the event.


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