As soon as we start planning for Forest Challenge 2016 ill be sure to send you the promotional materials ( E- Fliers and posters) for your use in promoting Forest Challenge 2016.

The 2015 Forest Challenge took place on the 12th of December at Kereita Forest in South Abadare.
The event drew over 200 participants who battled it out for the ultimate Forest Challenge award.

A total of 12 teams took part in 10 fun but gruesome challenges set against the majestic backdrop of the South Aberdare forest’s canopy. These challenges were designed to test the teams’ limits while ensuring they have lots of fun.

The activities which included the balloon reach, , slippery hill, tyre walk, sack race, balloon blow, mud crawl, spider web, ditch walk and name search were designed to test team dynamics, mental endurance and physical toughness.

A team from the Ansell Pharmaceuticals emerged as the overall winners bagging the Swara trophy.
After the event, participants were treated to an authentic outdoor camping experience at the Gatamaiyu Campsite. There was lots of entertainment, food and drinks at the overnight camp.

The Forest Challenge is an annual event with the objective of raising awareness and funds on forest conservation in Kenya. Organized by the East Africa Wildlife Society (EAWLS) and Kijabe Environment Volunteers Organization (KENVO), the event is also meant to establish partnerships between conservation organizations and local communities.’


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