Kenya Forest Service officers are working tirelessly to contain a fire on Mount Kenya East Forest from spreading beyond the bamboo zone in Kiamuriuki and Kiang’ondu.

Officer in charge of the Chuka forest station Joseph Wakianga has consequently suspended pending leave for all officers in his department.

He recalled officers on leave to help extinguish the fire that started three days ago.

“The fire is still confined within the Nithi Valley. It has been our effort to confine it within the valley to ensure it does not come up to the high forest, the major catchment area,” Wakianga said in his office on Tuesday.

He said they have put cut lines to prevent the fire from getting out of the valley.

“We have so fire confined it to a radius of five square kilometres and we are almost putting it out,” Wakianga said.

The fire has caused massive destruction and efforts to put out are being thwarted by strong winds, rough terrain, inadequate trained personnel and inadequate fire fighting equipment.

Wakianga said, however, there is no cause for alarm as the situation is under control.

He said his office will release the cost of damage in the cause of the week.

Wakianga cautioned the public against burning dry weeds in their farms near the forest or smoking in the forest.

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