A fire broke out at the Laikipia Nature Conservancy in Laikipia West subcounty on Tuesday.

Ranch proprietor Kuki Gallman said the fire caused massive destruction but it did not burn the lodges in the 110,000-acre conservancy.

“The surrounding community is helping to put out the fire but we have not received much help from the government even in evicting the herders,” she said on the phone.

The herders are grazing in the ranch illegally.

But county commissioner Wilson Wanyanga dismissed claims the herders started the fire, saying as it could have also been caused by charcoal burners.

He said there was nothing the government could do apart from asking the local community to help since the fire was in valleys that are inaccessible.

“We have also secured her home and the lodges after she talked about impending attacks,” Wanyanga said.

Courtesy of the-star.co.ke


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