The organisers of the 2015 First Lady Half Marathon have moved the race finishing point from Uhuru Gardens to Nyayo Stadium.

The race set for March 8 will be flagged off at the Mombasa Road/Langata Road Roundabout.

Yesterday, the organisers and the National Police Service announced the road closures and diversion intended on race day as they seek to minimise inconveniences to the motorists using the busy roads serving as the route.

The Nairobi County Traffic commander said there will be diversions and closures between 1am and 5am respectively and up to 12pm on the race day.

Roads marked for closure on the race day include— Mombasa road from Enterprise Road/Mombasa Road junction up to Lusaka Road/Langata road roundabout, Uhuru Highway between Lusaka Road/Langata road roundabout and Bunyala Road/Uhuru Highway roundabout (both sides).

The stretch between Bunyala roundabout up to State House Avenue/Kenyatta Avenue junction through Kenyatta Avenue/Uhuru Highway roundabout will also be closed and so will be Ngong road from Kenyatta Avenue/State House Avenue junction up to the City Mortuary roundabout through Kenya National Library.

Haille Selassie Avenue from Haille Selassie/Uhuru Roundabout up to Ragati Road/Haille Selassie junction will be closed too alongside Lower Hill Road up to Bunyala roundabout through British High Commission headquarters, Upper Hill road up to Hill Park Hotel, Hospital Road from Ngong Road Junction up to Hill Park through Mara Road.

Aerodrome road, Langata road from Lusaka Road/Langata Road roundabout up to Madaraka roundabout both sides will also be closed. However, Hospital Road and Raph Bunche Road, which serve Kenyatta National Hospital will not be closed until 5am and motorists can access it through Agwings Kodhek.

Emergency vehicles such as ambulances and Fire Brigades will be allowed to access Kenyatta National Hospital under the direction of Traffic Police officers. Madaraka roundabout will also be left accessible until 5am whereby motorists will be able to access Madaraka / Strathmore estates. Motorists from those estates can access Mombasa road and other destinations through South ‘B’ Fly over via Muhoho Avenue or Langata road.

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