The objective of the FIM Women in Motorcycling commission in Kenya is to promote motorcycling to women and to provide a support network through which lady riders both in leisure and sport riding are able to address their needs and issues. We also endeavor to facilitate the entry of more women in the Motorcycling arena as riders, officials, volunteers and other related professionals in the field of motorsports.

In line with this and also in honour of International Women’s Day held on 8th March; we will be holding the second ladies training day at the Jamhuri Motocross Track on Sunday 20th March from 10.00 am to 3.30 pm. This will be held in conjunction with MX 3, the third competition of the National Motocross series.

Fim_ladies_trainingLadies and Girls who are interested in learning how to ride will be the main target, however all kids and anyone else interested learning how to ride will also be invited. Interested riders will be able to go through an introductory session with trained coaches on site.

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