Comedian Eric Omondi is Lake Nakuru National Park’s new rhino ambassador.

The announcement was made during the 10th edition of Cycle with the Rhino held at the park over the weekend.

The entertainer will participate in campaigns to protect the species which is a major tourist attraction.

Speaking during the event, Mr Omondi expressed his interest in conservation.

Rising water levels have reduced grazing land for the rhinos, resulting in the animals moving to the periphery of the park, making then easier targets for poachers.

Currently, the park holds a population of over 70 black and white rhinos.

Kenya Wildlife Service Director William Kiprono said the Cycle with the Rhino event aimed to complete the remaining 51 kilometres of the perimeter fence.

“Funds from the various events have been used to carry out community activities such as planting trees around the park, donating furniture to schools and water tanks to the communities,” he added.

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