Last week it was discovered that two elephants were killed and ivory taken near Mboko at Odzala-Kokoua National Park. Park management and staff left their camp in the village of Mbomo a couple of months ago after angry local leaders tied to the ivory trade incited 200 people to attack the park headquarters camp. There were minor injuries but the Park staff the next day fled the area and set up a temporary HQ site in Makoua, over 50 miles away. African Parks Network who manages the park took all the staff and salaries to Makoua and have been in discussions with Congo ministry officials to solve conflict issues. In the meantime with no eco-guard coverage near Mboko and Lango camps, 35 kilometers from Mbomo, two adult bull elephants were found slaughtered for their ivory.
For the past two years there have been tourists coming from all over the world to visit Odzala and they have been staying at the luxury camps in Lango and Mboko. The elephants have been unharmed and have been curious. One in particular frequently came to visit me and my work crew day and night at our camp. Rather than graze and browse the endless savannah in the area, this guy came to eat close to our noisy camps at least on three occassions. We will miss his company.

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