Edmund Mujumba hosting a special event you’ll want to check out, turn out and try out your fitness level at the Sigiria FOrest on Thigiri RIdge!

It’s called “RX WILD,” a rare but sure way for an outdoor gym experience!  RX Wild will be offering special workouts.

We’re going to have some really cool souls out there some who will come to cheer their friends and family as they take on the obstacles at Sigiria this Sunday.

Here is the thing about RX Wild, unlike some gyms that prioritize bodybuilders and muscle mass, RX-Wild’s game plan is different. The location in itself put emphasis on feeling good about yourself as well as your workout and the environment. No wonder the hashtags #FEARLESS #FUN #FITNESS and strive to put mood above muscles.


How different is RX WILD, what sets RX WILD apart:

  • Mood Lifters – You will always be greeted with enthusiasm and treated with respect by all staff members.
  • Designed with Mood in Mind-, open spaces so you have plenty of room to move and breathe while you work out.
  • Everyone Cleans – The workout spots are SPOTLESS and Natural.

RX Wild is planned for Sunday, June 16th from 7:30am-1: 00 pm.

Please Take note; Families and friends are welcome to explore Sigiria Forest, Support the teams on the ground, cheer them up, encourage them  and enjoy brunch at the Sigiria coffee house



Powered By: Z6 Cross Training & Extreme Outdoors Africa



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