Benefits of Archery:On 4th of Ocober, East Africa Bow Sport will be hosting the first IBO regulation archery competition ever to be held in East Africa. This event will be held at Purdy Arms restaurant in Karen. The competition will mark the first year anniversary of the company and will be followed by a party and raffle with a wide selection of prizes, cash bar and buffet, catered by Purdy Arms.

You may have heard of William Tell, who had to provide his archery skills by shooting an apple off his son’s head with an arrow. For William, you could say archery was a family affair. While these days we may have different ideas of how best to use a bow and arrow, archery still has something for everyone.  Archery is a means  of building up personal confidence and motivation. Hand to eye coordination is also imporved through the regular firing of bows as well as the drive and determination to better ones self in the art and skill needed to be a worthy archer. Archery is a family sport which people of all ages and abilities can line up together and take part in.

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