Rally drivers are threatening to refrain taking part in the Fort Portal Rally that’s on today in protest of FMU denying Nasser Yasin participation.

So far twenty three(23) drivers have put in their signatures to strengthen their stand on FMU’s decision to deny Nasser participation basing on the new entrant rule.

The new entrant rule orders all new drivers to start in 2WD cars that are not beyond 1800cc. However, Yasin registered as foreign driver whose licence shouldn’t be restricted by the FMU regulations.

“FMU should reconsider the fact that Yasin is rallying as a Tanzanian, the rule doesn’t mention any where that it will restrict foreign drivers,” says the upset Kuku Ranjit a fellow driver.

Drivers have insisted to boycott the race if FMU doesn’t change in its decision.

“We have all agreed not to race, there’s no way this rule could work if FMU cant translate its own regulation, we are still giving them time to decide,” says a driver who decided to remain anonymous.

Attempts to talk to the FMU official about the issue have failed, but as of now the decision of Yasin not participating still stands.

Nasser Yasin started his rallying in Tanzania last month during the Rally of Tanzania from where he dropped out after three stages.

Yasin has several times attempted to compete in this year’s championship, but the new entrant law could not allow him.

Drivers and officials are engaged in the meeting to come up with the final stand concerning the issue and we will keep you updated on the developments and outcome of the meeting

Courtesy of kawowo.com


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