Company Name: Sand and Sea Water Sports
Contact Phone: +254708358095

For twenty five years this fun charity sports event on Diani Beach has raised money for the Kwale Eye Centre to battle blindness.

The commonest cause of blindness in Kenya: cataract, can be surgically removed so the patient can see again! As a result of twenty five years of fundraising, thousands of Kenyan people and their families have literally been given the Gift of Sight.

The Diani Rules title is taken literally, as the rules of the games are made up, in Diani, by the judges where it is held. Basically 16 teams of eight (at least 3 of whom MUST be girls) compete in team sports such as beach volleyball, tug of war, rugby, Frisbee etc. The games are changed so that everyone is brought up or down to one level e.g. football is played with a rugby ball on the beach.

Teams representing companies from both Kenya and abroad, from different business backgrounds, come to take part, help with the organization or simply to watch and be part of the fun. Many other organizations, individuals, businessmen and hotels come together to give prizes for the teams and grand raffle.

For more information and to enter a team please contact Kathy at

How you can help
Sponsor a team – each team advertises their sponsor throughout the weekend by wearing brightly colored tee-shirts with their logo clearly displayed. Either bring along your own team to compete or we can provide – Ksh60,000/- (US$ 565)
Provide sponsorship for the musical entertainment or food and drinks
Provide a team prize – everyone leaves Diani Rules with a prize.
Provide a raffle prize – The draw for this takes place at the conclusion of the event with all participants and spectators present
Give a donation to the event


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