The Lamu Archipelago is discerning, top-rate destination for big game fishing. A half or full-day deep sea angling trip with gets you close to some of the gigantic finned creatures in the Indian Ocean. You can choose between expansive deep ocean or creek fishing, and the massive fish that you will have a chance to reel in are sailfish, barracuda, giant trevally, tuna, sailfish, kingfish and marlin, including black, striped and blue.

Angling captains around Lamu Island follow a strict catch and release protocol to protect the number of these fish that live in the ocean, but you will still have a high-energy, exhausting experience just trying to pull in one of these ocean beasts. Plan your travel to Lamu Island (best time to visit) according to the fish that interests you most and weather too, as population and migration levels fluctuate during the year.

The best time to catch broadbill is August through May, and November through the March is when billfish are found in the waters. Sailfish arrive in October and stay until April, overlapping with the marlin in February and March.

No matter when you plan your angler’s visit to Lamu Island, though, there is always an abundance of many other stirring and challenging fish to catch.


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