Bikers are often regarded as rowdy destructive people. Cheptoek Boyo takes a look at Cruzin Kings who unlike thier counterparts, have set themselves apart

You call it need for speed, they call it a way of life. With more biking crews popping up all over the city, Spice Team got an offer we couldn’t pass up. We go to spend an entire day with a biker crew that has been stealing the show and causing buzz all over town. Whether they are cruising for fun or making an appearance, take the past rally at Kiambu, they are showstoppers wherever they pop up. People ride for different reasons, we were told. This it seems is what sets apart motorsport bikers who purely indulge in sports and cruisers who are all luxury. For most it’s the thrill of speed. Adrenaline, that’s the juice they hunt for. It also creates a sense of adventure and freedom. Read more…..

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