By Thomas Rajula

The Concours has for some time now been the event where everyone wants to be seen at.

A man seated next to me at the event at Ngong racecourse joked, ”Some women have already decided here on what they will wear for next year’s event.”

The enthusiasm with which the audience came for the event was evident from the parking lot: cars that have been “souped” up were there to be seen, the parking space was filled up even before one, young families rolled in together with the kids, couples wanted everyone to see they were indeed a couple, while the single ladies and men dressed to impress the opposite sex, while trying to still look classy.

There was entertainment for everyone present: kids had their favourite cartoon characters in form of costumed actors, there was food and drink for everybody’s preference (even Kenchic was here, to the delight of many), an air show in form of skydivers in parachutes, deejay performance by DJ Joe Mfalme and the icing on the cake must have been Sauti Sol’s live concert at the very end.

Sauti Sol felt that the original barrier set by organisers, during the presentation of prizes, left the fans too far from the stage.

They told security to move back till just about the stage. Small problem; there was only one opening and the ladies weren’t patient enough to wait in line to get vantage point right next to stage.

So, with their high heels on, miniskirts or dresses, some crawled beneath the track barriers and quickly took position. Talk about hysteria.

All in all, it was a fun day for all there. Read more….

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